Sunday, 27 July 2014

Push comes to shove...

My dear mother has been in a home for a year and in the past few weeks her condition has deteriorated. She is being pushed further and further by her degenerative condition. We know she isn't in pain, we know she is being cared for but this is bad time for her and all the family, some of who are half way around the world.

After a few stressful weeks, last weekend we headed out to enjoy the sun in our old camper. It's not hard to find somewhere pretty to spend a few days in our part of the world. The first night we stayed a night in a car park near this lovely beach!

A muddy beach, south of Ipswich. I dyed my hair with some Henna and Indigo. More on that another time.

Home made 50s dress with cute faux pockets and book print. 

  Perfect scene, virtually empty campsite and very sunny!
The second day we had a very pleasant day and night on a sweet little campsite near Cambridge, we headed into town for a bit of day out, and bang! No clutch or gear box. We waited for half the day to be carted home, for the princely sum of £250. Our inferior pirate rip-off version of rescue cover had a clause which meant we get recovery but only within a 10 mile radius! We were 70 miles away. Be warned people. Stick with The AA or check your cover. Anyway, it's an old van but we love having it, so even though it will cost a fortune I really can't see us scraping it yet.

Waiting for repair (hopefully).

On a bright note, I just collected my sewing course portfolio from college. The course finished in January but we didn't get marked until last week which was rather tedious. My favourite tutor comment on my rather madcap final project was that I seemed to be "pushing out in all directions". Yes, what a perfect way to put it. For some reason my idea was to print my own fabric and then make something out of it. It wasn't exactly hard but it took ages with lots of mind changing and experimenting throughout. The design, the colours, the fabric, the construction, the pattern, closures, basically everything! Well, why not.

A printed sun top with printed band and self drafted peplum.
Anyway after all that time and effort the good thing is I do still really like it. The bodice is Hazel by Colette, which I didn't have to do any adjustments to as they draft everything for a C cup. I was using a thick cotton (which works better for the printing) so I didn't want a gathered skirt. I drafted an A-line skirt but couldn't get the fit right so I used the top part of the skirt as a peplum. Well, it certainly is unique.

The print goes around the band which was originally the facing from the pattern.
I have to be quite nifty about getting into it as it doesn't have a zip. I do up the buttons all the way up the front and swivel it round and pop my arms through the straps. I am so pleased it still fits me even though i have put on a half stone since I finished it. Hope it stays hot so I can get it out and used!

My mother was my first sewing teacher and excelled at everything, sewing, knitting, home making and as a nurse. She encouraged us her children to be our true selves and she was quietly but unrelentingly supportive. She would have looked at this top with some amusement but made some kind remarks while not quite hiding her puzzlement - it's really not her kind of thing. She is the source and biggest influence in my character, and even though at such a low point she is still my greatest source of strength.

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  1. I'm very sorry to hear your mum is struggling, she sounds like a wonderful woman. And your camper van, oh dear - let's hope you can get it back on the road soon.
    But you've made a glorious little top, love the buttons at the back (even if getting into it is a bit of a challenge!) and the 1950s dress is a beauty. xxx