Friday, 21 November 2014

Made by a Pro!

The growing online sewing community is so full of talent and everyone likes to share their work in different ways. But how often do you get to not just look at something someone has made, but to actually wear it?

I was very excited to do exactly that when a few weeks ago a dress arrived through my door free, gratis and for nothing, from the splendid Marianna from Sew to Pro. And she does sew like a pro as you will see here.

Halloween was still weeks away when Marianna posted about a dress she called the Pumpkin. (Here it is). She disliked the colour and fit on her, and quite casually offered it up for adoption. I saw Orange and my hand was up.

Want to see my happy face?

Me and my little sister. 

Made from the Sureau pattern from hep French company deer-and-doe this dress is full of rather delightful features, all beautifully executed by Marianna and much better than I could do.

I love how this dress has been put together. Marianna's French seam finishes are a treat, something I never do as I line everything out of habit. When a print is this good it's nice to not have a contrast on the inside, and linings can get in the way and add bulk. Definitely a technique to try out.

A fancy Pixlr trick for a fancy dress. A family meal at a restaurant where the tables are tiny and the steaks are huge.

Along with pinks, reds and purples, I think orange is one of my best colours. This burnt orange and the fine Batik print are both tiki-esque but without the face slappin' kitsch factor. Gotta love a showy exotic print that is pretty enough for a family dinner. 

Blurred oranges and greys, a Halloween dress that wasn't.

After abandoning my initial plan to wear this on Halloween weekend (thanks to a poorly foot) it seems to have taken an age to wear and photograph this beauty.

Of course the best thing is telling everyone about my good fortune and watching their eyes widen with amazement. So Marianna a big big thank you, I am not sure how you can give way something made with so much care. You sew like a pro and it's something I can at least aspire to. I am still digging around to see what I can send to you in return.